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Hi, I'm Hartie Spence III,  your sales engineer. I want you to show you  options to make a successful, cost-effective injection molded plastic, silicone or overmolded part.

We make science an art...

Plastic Injection Molding

Silicone Molding

Rotational Molding

Metal Injection Molding

with in-house tooling & mold making

We can simply quote your part requirements or we can dive in and find manufacturing efficiencies to save you money. Working with ASH as an injection molding supplier, you will have access to thermoplastic molding creativity and people who are not afraid to find manufacturing and design efficiencies for your injection molded parts.


Thermoplastic Injection Molding


Silicone Liquid Injection Molding

Multiple Colors

FDA/Medical Grade Resins

Thermoplastic Injection Molding & Silicone Molding Parts Samples

Custom Thermoplastic parts in complex or simple configurations for medical applications

Silicone molding is available to produce flexible rubber parts that withstand harsh environments

We assist you with material selection based on your final use along with cost reduction suggestions

The ASH team will work to find the right combination of materials, part geometry, and quality testing to assure all components meet your exacting specs

Overmolding electronic parts help shield them from harsh environments and provides better life of the product

Partner with ASH Industries whose greatest advances have been in medical device molding forged from the most advanced materials

ASH specializes in medical devices and aeropsace Thermoplastic and Thermoset Silicone parts

We build your component with Design for Manufacturing and Assembly AND Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

 Molded clear parts are defect free, functional and beautiful for medical and transportation industries

plastic injection molding machine
new plastic injection molding machin
ash's large plastic injection
in house graphite mold

SUPERMOLD - Production Tooling with a lifetime guarantee

From purchase order to first article in 3 weeks in most cases. Spend “prototype dollars” on production molds designed to take advantage of production efficiencies within ASH Industries. SuperMold™ reduces costs and lead times for custom injection molds to process thermoplastic, silicone, or MIM components.  


At the same cost to you as a prototype mold, SuperMold™ uses tool steel to provide a production mold that is guaranteed for as long as you need parts. Our full tool shop allows quick turnaround to put parts in your hand when you need them.



At ASH THERMOPLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING manufacturing group within ASH Industries, our list of projects span a wide gamut of industries and OEM projects. From medical surgical devices to structural components for laser light shows to overmolded electronic components, we can do it for you. We understand FDA or FAA requirements so you know that you are working with experience in injection molding and thermoplastic molding.


All of the project engineers you will work with have one thing in common,  they all seek solutions to production questions. Customers also benefit from ASH's implementation of JIT and TOC programs to limit inventories for production runs of ten million assemblies to a thousand custom parts.


Engineers at ASH Industries understand the complexities of beginning a new project and will work to ease that transition. We will ask a lot of questions and will help you with the tooling to make the best parts at the best price.


PROS OF INJECTION MOLDING: Every production process has it's pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages of thermoplastic injection molding:


Accuracy: Thermoplastic injection molded parts are able to be produced with pin-point accuracy, which is a major advantage over other prototyping processes like 3D printing.


Surface Finish: Thermoplastic injection molding can be executed with a variety of general and engineering-grade resins. The process is also able to create parts with pristine surface finishes, which makes the production process viable to create not only prototypes, but small and large production runs. Rough or pebble textured surface finishes can also be created with the production process.


Speed: Parts that are thermoplastic injection molded are typically turned around within days. If it's used for prototyping, this allows developers to make design changes quickly, thereby enabling it to go to market sooner. And if the process is being used for manufacturing, runs can be completed within days, so they're able to be on store shelves sooner. The longest part of the injection molding process is the time that needs to be spent creating the mold. However, molds can also be created to fine-tune prototypes and then used again for a manufacturing run.


Predictor of manufacturability: Thermoplastic injection molding can be utilized for prototyping purposes. Parts can be completed and turned around quickly with in days, with accuracy and surface finish quality. This makes the process a great predictor of manufacturability. Often times, developers will order several early prototyping runs on other technology, then use thermoplastic injection molding to validate product design prior to green-lighting the product for manufacturing. Since parts can be crafted in several different resins, developers will also experiment with surface finishes and materials to see what material they want to use.

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